October 19th, 2010


Murder back

I don't know what I did to my back but it is not a happy back at the moment. It is a very grumpy back. It's not killing me or anything, just kinda sends a little note of "by the way I'm sore" every five seconds or so. Probably slept on it funny. When my alarm clock went off I started dreaming that I was actually a castle guard posted at my door whose job it was to turn my snooze alarm off. I dreamt that I was showing a new guy the ropes, and then I was being admired for my unequaled skill in alarm manipulation. Then at 7:30 I decided that was enough of that bullshit and got up.

Can't tell if people are actually as annoying as I think they are or if it just depends on my mood. The weird thing is, I used to think "man, I gotta move out of here" every time I had a stupid conversation (about once a day.) But now every stupid conversation is about my plans on moving out, which turns that line into a vicious cycle. It leaves no reprieve. I gotta move out so I can stop talking about moving out. Tautological rentals.

My old man printed out all of his stories for me. Ideas are forming already. Nanowrimo, I'm comin' for you.