October 21st, 2010


Hey @vivi300 and everyone else, you can retweet this now

So I retweeted a retweet (reretweeted?) from someone named "ashelia" that went like this:
Old Spice Guy probably shouldn't have said, "And now something for you guys" and then talked about XBL. Girl gamers don't exist, right?

I followed that up with a reply oh right they're supposed to be "mentions" now:
.@ashelia @OldSpice Guy knows time is of the essence. He would've said "for those of you not ogling my manly frame" but that's way long.

(Notice the cunning use of a period to make my mention visible to everyone, not to mention the addition of Old Spice's account so their marketing team would know I was talking about them.)

And, not one to avoid pontification when my neural pathways light up, I continued with three more tweets on the subject:
Can't we all just agree that references to gender are implied shortcuts to inclusiveness from now on? Like if I say, "here's a picture of a Ford Eliminator for you guys," I mean 'guys' as in 'everyone who likes cars, regardless of gender.' Society has taught us that we can be anything when we grow up. It's time for our understanding of pronouns to reflect that.

Then vivi said:
@SimonBob I'd retweet all this if it wasn't like three tweets. So instead I'll just agree. I use 'guys' to refer to everyone constantly.

Then I offered to put it all on LJ for ease of viewing and to maybe stir up further conversation on the subject, so here it is. All of you guys should retweet it, whether you like cars or not!