October 28th, 2010


Test Drive: 1667 words in 45 minutes (props to @DrWicked ok)

Inspired by "Trial Run" over at nanowrimo, I figured I'd doublecheck my own odometer, make sure my creative side was running on all wheels, change up my vocabulary-oil, additional car simile. Used Dr. Wicked's Write Or Die so I could track my wordcount, but I had it on gentle/forgiving and saw the pink ramp-up at least a half-dozen times. With higher settings or under pressurized circumstances (word war, it's the last night and I'm still four thousand out) I could probably kick it up another notch. On the flip side, staying inbounds with an actual plot tucked under my arm can slow me down as much 15 wpm, resulting in an hour-long struggle to churn out twelve hundred words.

whine whine I'm a writer my life is hard #firstworldproblems #usingtwitterstylehashtagsonlivejournal

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