October 29th, 2010

Cautious Pessimism

Wait a second...

One of the idle promises I made myself this year was that I'd go for sixty thousand words instead of the required 50 thou. It didn't occur to me until today, just now, to do the math on words per day this would entail. Standard nanowrimo thinking is 1,667 a day will get you there, slowly and steadily. My increase will require me to knock back an even 2,000. For some reason, the extra ten thousand overall doesn't daunt me nearly as much as the scant three-hundred and thirty-three added on the average, even though I can usually put away double that at a single write-in.

I worry that my mathematical inclination towards the exercise causes my actual writing to suffer. But I'm relatively certain that traces back in turn to the outlines I never make. I have to have the exact opposite kind of weekend in the next two days that I had last week. Everything in the next month or two is riding on it.

Well, maybe not everything. I can't get myself all psyched out or I'll crash even harder.