November 15th, 2010


All them things what I have done

Rather than rant about them one at a time on Twitter, I feel I should put my whole list of travesties on LJ for conscious consideration.

1. I pissed off my brother-in-law by touching his speakers. There was that uncomfortable sense of "yes I know we let you stay in our abode and feed our cat but goddamnit you do not mess around with a man's audio equipment" mixed with a dash of "I have been on a 12-hour road trip I did not need this shit when I got home." He wanted to know Did you unplug them from the computer? (no) and How the hell did you do this? (I just popped 'em up from behind the desk, if you want them on the ground just drop them down the back again.) I was expressly forbidden from helping with said dropping process; he didn't outright say I'd caused enough damage for one weekend but it was heavily implied. Meanwhile my sister is off to the side looking entirely frazzled. It didn't occur to me until after I left that she must have done all of the driving, as bro'n-law doesn't have a driver's license. There was no way in hell she needed her two closest male relatives feuding over such a trivial piece of technological preference at that moment. Needless to say I was glad most of my bags were already packed.

Still, it begs the question: who the fuck puts their speakers on the floor? They are for hearing things. You cannot hear them properly through your feet. They aren't subwoofers. Guh. Some audiophile needs to explain this to me so I don't cause an unintentional international incident the next time I move some fucking five-dollar audio output devices around.

2. As mentioned, they came back from a 12-hour road trip, which means I didn't leave their place until about 1 AM. This after telling my internets girlfriend I'd be back "Sunday night." While technically true, I guess she'd already gone to bed by the time I was home, so it feels like a broken promise even though it isn't really.

3. I've got this big ol' whitehead on my nose that's just begging to be popped. I'm honestly surprised acne isn't mentioned in the bible, because it's taking the patience of Job to not just reach up and squeeze a bitch.

The trouble is, I don't feel that any of these incidents fit into the narrative of my book right now. There's perhaps a 50% chance that they ever will. "Write what you know" is all well and good up to a certain point, but right now, I have to get one character married and another murdered. Zits and speakers ain't gonna do it. Broken promises might. I'm worried that I'm turning into a caricature, that everyone's going to see through my plots to the essential humanity behind them, and find me wanting for what everyone goes through but I never recognized because I'm an inhumane antisocial unobservant bottom-rung shut-in.

In other words, I'm at the midpoint. Where's a good "you're halfway don't give up" pep talk when you need one?
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