November 23rd, 2010


800 words in 20 minutes

is roughly the setting I'm comfortable at in Write or Die. Of course, I go nuts trying to keep the "words" bar ahead of the "time" bar, so it usually ends up being more like 850-900. But it's good to know your pace, and also to allow yourself a bit of leeway when you're thinking of Big Words or you suddenly realize you have no idea how you're going to get your fugitive out of the airport. (My solution: secret tunnel in the bathroom.)

Anyway if I can have another solid breakout night tonight after the one I had yesterday, I might actually be able to bear to look at my total wordcount again.

(4,000 word target ÷ 800 words per session) * 20 minutes per session
= 100 minutes
= 1 hour 40 minutes

plus five minutes breathing time between each session comes out to a full two hours.

Okay, sure, let's do it. Let's flip off writer's block and get arrested by the editors' union.