November 30th, 2010


In which I get defensive

So, hey. Liz and Matt are getting married. I figure people should know about this, so I tweet it.

Cue an embittered reply describing Kotaku as being effectively the same as a particular anime news site which posts nothing but tits and tit-related stories all day. Also something about twelve-year-olds and Halo.

Well, except, no it's fucking not. That link right there, that's goddamn straight up exhibit ALPHA ONE that it isn't.

After a bit of posturing the same guy goes on to link me to a tumblr blog (tumblog? is that right? it doesn't sound right) about how video game journalism sucks, and after a bit of confusion regarding the broken search box, I get down to reading a few entries under their kotaku tag. And man, none of it is news to me. Brian Ashcraft is obsessed with Japanese culture and boobs? You don't say. Owen Good tends to get stuck with the "dildos of gaming" stories? I guess "Weekend Reporter" isn't the all-star job it's cracked up to be. Mike Fahey sucks? Oh my god it's like you bought a crystal ball made of tarot cards and set it down on top of a ouija board.

But that's no excuse to outright ignore the link I just posted, and I know you did, because there's no way you could've spewed that blather about "irrelevant mentality" or whatever the shit if you'd actually read the story, much less watched the video.

I'm not even all that mad that someone disagrees with one of the several sites I get my gaming news from, nor should I be. Personal choices, cool people don't give in to peer pressure, and all that. What pisses me off is that some asshole can't get over his shortsighted pettiness for ten seconds while the rest of us are happy about some awesome upcoming nuptials.

Incidentally, something similar happened over the weekend after reidman posted to facebook (you may need to login to see it) about raising ten grand for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Amidst all the unrestrained joy, one guy decides to turn the comments into his personal soapbox and bitch about how he got banned from the forums. Yeah, with an attitude like that, I'm really convinced I should overturn it now.

My point is, stop being the asshole dickwad who comes in with an agenda and pisses all over a perfectly good thing. You're just being an attention whore, or a self-righteous moron, or some other combination of single-mindedness and general idiocy that leads you to believe your minuscule fragile ego and its feeble, conflated, outright wrong opinion is somehow more important than a really wonderful event that's taken place. Take your irrationally negative ruin-everything attitude out of our party and go cry on a street corner, because you're bringing us down with your bullshit.

And for the rest of you, in case you missed it: Liz and Matt are getting married. I am super happy for them.