December 8th, 2010


Have You Played The Crafting Age

Yesterday, I decided to poll Twitter on whether I should play Minecraft, or World of Warcraft. Polling Twitter can be a bad idea sometimes (for example, they have no idea how to make dinner recommendations) but here it seemed to work out okay. Also, I excluded Starcraft, because it's for pussy armchair generals.

At the end of the day, the straight votes were too close to call, so I compiled the actual reasons people were giving me to play one or the other.

World of Warcraft

Pros: usually updates well, multifaceted play styles, colourful, you can be a werewolf, ownage is possible
Cons: eats into paychecks


Pros: simpler, more relaxing, infinite world
Cons: gets boring fast, updates crash your shit, no ownage
What: you can build an entire house out of sheep wool, or a giant dirt wang

Hmmm. Well, the good news is, Falcon says he'll send an invite-a-friend ten-day dealie to me for the holidays so I can try WoW without dropping a Borden on it. And I've taken Minecraft for a spin in Classic mode, although I feel as though I'm missing something by not having TNT that actually explodes or these "Creeper" dudes hangin' around. Plus, it's not like I don't already have a big ol' backlog of things I'd like to play. It's like the goddamn national archives around here.