December 25th, 2012

My Equally Valid Opinion


I'm not even gonna bother talking about the lockout. It's over, okay kids? It was over the night Gary Bettman flipped out on national Canadian sports television because his opponent in this glorified chess-boxing match, Don Fehrleone, dared to insinuate that things were going okay. Yes, the season is going to be canceled because Gary got angry at the players' association for being too optimistic. How dare they! DEAL'S OFF THE TABLE.

So, fuck it. The Toronto media conspiracy, unable to generate interest in the Marlies beyond the Bloor & Yonge intersection, are moving on... to the BIG JUNIOR TOURNAMENT in Ufa, Russia! Who needs big-league hockey? We've got hotshot youngsters playing at 4 am local time on only a week's acclimatization! And hey, I'm not immune: my inability to post really awful predictions of doom for NHL teams I don't like, followed by middling-at-best playoff calls, has really weighed on me these past few months. Between this and the upcoming Spengler Cup (and we're definitely winning that, HC Davos be damned) I'm lapping up all the puckhandling they'll shovel at me. A man cannot live on 67s games alone, especially not this man with the way his team is going, now that our core players from the last four seasons have all graduated.

To that end, I'm pleased to present My Equally Valid Opinion: "So Bored With The Lockout" World Juniors Predictions Edition!

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