January 19th, 2013

My Equally Valid Opinion

My Equally Valid Opinion: "Oh No, I Don't Get To Do An All-Star Check-Em-Up This Year" Edition

In 2006, Cam Cole wrote an article describing the NHL's immunity to logic. Every year, I set out to prove him right. This is My Equally Valid Opinion!

LOCKOUT SCHMOCKOUT. I freely admit it, I'd lost all hope for a season after the G-Betts held that angry press conference where he yelled at Don Fehr for claiming that the two sides were close to a deal. It was nothing but pure egotism, which more or less explains the balance of the CBA negotiations as a whole.

On the plus side, a shortened season means no preseason games, which is great. Preseason games are such teases. They only exist so anally-retentive general managers can decide which of their fourth-liners will stay with the team to play four and a half minutes a night and/or start a fight every other game. The only way it wouldn't be a total drag is if every team had to do a "Hockeyville" type thing where they played in a thousand-seat local arena. Those are much better than the average "young guy trying too hard to make the lineup leaves his feet for a headshot and ends up with a suspension" matches which litter the landscape. Now we get our sloppy play and cold, flat-footed goalies right off the bat in games that actually matter. I CAN'T WAIT, and thanks to the lack of preseason I don't HAVE to wait either. Glorious! Let's get on with some picks.

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