March 10th, 2013

My Equally Valid Opinion


Now, I'm not one of those "screw the all-star game" types. It's not my favourite weekend on the standard NHL schedule, but it's a valid excuse for a party, it gets the diehard fans a little closer to their favourite players, and hey -- I loves me some skills comp. But this? This is okay too. Shortened season, no interconference play, just hockey hockey hockey straight down to the wire. I think we should do this more often, maybe in even-numbered years with no Olympics. Besides, how are you gonna put together all-star divisions if you want to get rid of conferences entirely? (Which is to say: here's hoping. Fuck your wildcard.) Maybe we'll go back to those Gretzky-driven AMERICANADA VS. THE WORLD things like they had in the nineties. Ooh! Or we could hold a tournament with four teams, one from each division, and run four separate skills at the same time! The "fastest skater" could be done like Crashed Ice!

Alright, enough good ideas outta me. Let's see how my picks for this crazy season are doing!

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