March 18th, 2013


The feeling of a Pendant you were wearing

This one means a Cat in an old, dead reckoning of our fortunes by the times and circumstances of our births, using a now-discarded cosmology as its chart.

This one means an Unfortunate Lady in the same system. I have two because of a snake.

This one has my Name on it, but it's a Fake name, so it's not much use for identification.

This one means Good Luck, but it's too heavy for every day. You don't need the best of luck most of the time; just to keep things going is enough.

This one means a Rat. If you combine it with the others, you get a more nuanced result, but that's too hard for most people so we ignore it. After all, if you start getting too specific then you slowly lessen the number of people who disagree that it means anything, and replace them instead with people who melt down at the idea of becoming voluminous generations of mass. It also means I like having and spending money, but show me anyone who doesn't, yknow?

And this one... when I first received it, I was led to believe it gave me Self-Esteem. Turned out I'd misheard or misread, and it simply represented the deep wells of bold reflection which I already possessed. It's my oldest one, and the only one I think a little of me has rubbed into. It takes a very long time to harness useful amounts of power. If someone else wore it, then it might just do to them what I thought it did to me after all.

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