May 14th, 2013

My Equally Valid Opinion

MEVO 2013: You Tried, Caps.

Seven for eight on picks! This ties my best first-round record from 2011. And I would've had a clean sweep too, if it weren't for the STUPID NO-GOOD WASHINGTON OVECHKINS FEATURING ADAM "HEAD FULL OF" OATES blowing their 3-1 lead. Gah! Why do I always think I can trust them? Next year I'm not taking them in any playoff round, even if they make it to the final against Anaheim. (Of course, if they were playing the Ducks then I'd still root for 'em, but it'd be a "prove me wrong" scenario.) I may even take ol' #8 out of the official MEVO LJ icon.

Speaking of proving me wrong: I got three, count 'em, three callups for the second round. Ottawa over Pittsburgh in six, Detroit over Chicago in five (ha!), and Los Angeles over San Jose in four. And hey, yknow what? Rangers are the new Caps. New York over Boston in seven. Henrik Lundqvist just has to outplay Tukka Rask. #sportsmismatchsentences #exceptmaybenotreally

Currently 7 for 8 in picks, -1 in game estimation.