June 12th, 2013

My Equally Valid Opinion


Well, this is it. The best of the west meets the eastern beast. The invisible hand of the playoffs has determined the champions of the respective conferences, regular-season standings be damned except not really because hey, the Blackhawks won the President's Trophy. It's even like old-timey baseball, in that these guys didn't play each other all season long (and haven't since October 15th, 2011.)

So, how do you prepare for such an unknown opponent? Well, if you're Joel Quennville, apparently you start making line changes before you've even played the first shift of the series. Is he nuts, or are we? On paper, these teams should both have ferocious offenses, meat-grinder D-lines, and brick wall goaltending... but on paper, Chicago would be using the same lineup it beat LA with, not bringing in some headbanger who hasn't played since last May.

Contrary to the widespread belief that this one will go the distance, I think the Bruins take an early lead in this one and never really relinquish it, but I'll give the 'Hawks one for spoiler's sake. Boston in five. Currently 8 for 14 on calls and dead even in game estimation.