Simon Roberts (simonbob) wrote,
Simon Roberts

The Patriots are winning the Super Bowl

I'd been there. The precise combination of music and imagery had hit me once before, leaving me with the illogical yet immutable sense of the future. It wasn't deja vu so much as a simple moment of clarity, the overwhelming knowingness of existing in the same moment as a pure, unbreakable truth. In that second, I knew that I was adjacent to a very important answer. It wasn't on the screen, though, and I didn't dare change tabs for fear of losing it. I simply asked out loud.

"Who's going to win the Super Bowl?"

"I don't know," my father answers. I didn't actually mean to ask him but truth works in funny ways. "Who's playing?"

"New England, and..."

"And New York, right." This in itself is unusual, my dad remembering the details of a sporting event, but we're onto bigger things here. "Who won last time they were in the Super Bowl?"

"New York." I consider telling him that the Giants also beat the Patriots earlier in the regular season, but I'm still fearful of meddling with my newfound universal connectivity.

"Then New England wins this time."

And that's it. He goes upstairs.

If I really did just tap into a grand cosmic force of wisdom just then, the New England Patriots are your Superb Owl XLVI champions. Frankly, I've been waiting for this all week -- every time I look at the lineups, it looks like a highly competitive, even-handed matchup. Every hole is getting stopped up. Every weakness is underscored with a new advantage. There's no clash of styles, no ideological difference, just two teams playing really good football, regardless of the different paths they took to get here.

I doublechecked with the Magic 9-Ball. It told me that, deep down, I already knew. Works for me. Give 'em the two and a half, too.

Also, Leila the cat wishes to remind you that pats are abhorrent to a kitty-kitty and she is therefore taking the Giants. We're both 2-8 this postseason, so the big game will determine which of us is the slightly less terrible predictor.
Tags: my equally valid opinion, personal tragedy
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