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Having inadvertently watched "Escape From LA"

while looking for something to multitask with while leveling up in Dragon Warrior II, I went to read the wikip article afterwards (as is my practise with most movies, awful or otherwise) and eventually came around to the concept of death drive. Freud suggested -- never really seemed to codify, but I might not be reading it deeply enough -- that there was a matching urge which acted against the movement towards life: the "death drive" against the "pleasure principle". A strange trend towards eliminating evolutions and bringing organic material back to its initial, inactive state.

When I was in the eighth grade, someone (a guidance counselor? but in a group session, I think) got us to name rights and matching responsibilities. "We have the right to drive a car, but the responsibility to drive it safely" and other shitless platitudes like that. I was the last to go, and I came up with "the right to live, and the responsibility to die," which I thought was pretty clever. In retrospect, maybe it was just superficial: they were simple opposites, and I hadn't gone through it more than "nobody can tell us when to stop living but eventually we have to decay or else there won't be enough space and resources for our kids." I certainly wasn't expecting the virulent reaction I got from my classmates, to the point that our main teacher got wind of it and went through a whole big explanation of why I was completely wrong. I wish I remembered what she said, exactly. At the time I was merely stunned that I'd hit such a sensitive nerve.

The drive to die, was all I meant. The natural progression of decay which slowly encompasses all things, no matter how long we may stave it off. They were probably right, at least, in objecting to my vocabulary usage. Thanatos' embrace may or may not be responsibility, but is certainly inevitability.
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