Simon Roberts (simonbob) wrote,
Simon Roberts

Hockey Night en Quebec

I haven't been online lately - I ascribe the blame to (a) the insanity of final-assignment week, since my program doesn't believe in exams and (b) French hockey.

I'm serious. RDS, the French-Canadian equivalent to TSN, which in turn is the Canadian equivalent to ESPN (hooray!~ We're all on the same page!) had the Montreal-Buffalo game, which, despite being in French, was far more interesting than the Toronto-Detroit game. They were talking about cross-conference games during Ron McClean's Satellite Hotstove, and quite frankly, I couldn't care less. Look - you make the playoffs based on your standing in the conference, right? So cross-conference is meaningless unless you make it to the Stanley Cup finals on a regular basis, right? I know it's a devil's advocate position to take in this environment of Canadians wanting to see more Canadian matches (ie. Toronto vs. Edmonton - that would be awesome) but it's not feasible standings-wise, yknow? In fact, what they're talking about is dividing the divisions even more, like making an eight-team and a seven-team division in each of the conferences (which isn't going to happen unless they increase the total number of teams to 32 - 8 per division, perfect! 5 per, not so much.)

I had something else to say but I guess it's 1-0 Calgary now and I'm not listening. gggggggggggg.
Tags: personal tragedy
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