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Memento Deus

remember, I'm a god.

Simon Roberts
13 September 1984
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There I was, five miles from nowhere, when someone came up to me and asked if I had a good idea. What a coincidence; I had a thousand of them. They led me to a yield sign, and before I knew it, I was telling my story to a roomful of vaguely interested onlookers.

This is that story.

Every good writer has a Personal Tragedy, so I have one every day. All of my ideas are lifted from only the most Erstwhile Concept Art. It's only my Cautious Pessimism that expects you to give a damn. If any given opinion about hockey is valid, then My Opinion must be Equally Valid. My philosophy of electronic game design always starts with a question: "Have You Played...?"

If you like this stuff, or alternatively if you hate it but think I might be better at a different genre, you might enjoy my side comic DCF.

What you're seeing is usually raw, unedited, first-draft material, meaning I can't promise 100% total quality every single day. But I can promise a few good laughs and maybe some things to ponder, unless of course you're reading this after I've left my human shell and evolved into a superior being made of pure energy. Pfft, what're the chances of that happening, right?

Remember, I'm a god. Memento Deus.

Rawr! Screech!

I got Kitten LaRamia From

Luna's Lavos Spawn Adoption Agency!

IRL-purposes power word: Kevin Williams. Don't tell anyone who's not a Freemason.
anti-valid fifty-one-character five-word interests, arrest warrants, artificial turf, car owner manuals, chrono trigger, dcf, dehumidifiers, empire records, fida's pizza, full spectrum lighting, future dinobot comix, honky the christmas goose, markov chains, ninja force 5000, parrot food, pearl jam, phat l3wt, pondering "connections" through interests, transpyronecrobestiality, wildcat strong, write-in candidates